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Friday May 26th

Praise The Lord hosts this week are Pastor Steve and Becky Fender of Livingway Church.  It is their goal to provide a place for every true believer to fulfill his or her place and ministry in Christ.  Livingway Church is a supernatural atmosphere of faith and worship - a city of refuge where anyone and everyone can come and be transformed to be a true son of the living God - a place of miracles, healing for the sick, deliverance for the bound and salvation for the lost.

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 Pastor Steve and Becky will minister from John 16:33.  You are guaranteed by the Word of God that you will have trouble, you will have tribulation but ... the Word of God tells you to be of good cheer - you WILL peace and it will pass your ability to understand it.  Keep your mind stayed on, focused on, the Word of God.  This peace is not only for you, but will witness to others.

This may be your worst day ever but ... BE OF GOOD CHEER!  God is for you, not against you.  Great trials bring great rewards and you are at the very precipice of your victory.  Don't give up - persevere! 

Becky Fender wrote the first song while she was dealing with depression.  While in the midst of depression she cried out to the Lord "BUT YOU SAID, weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning.  You said!"  The Lord answered her back "Yes, but YOU have to call a halt to the night."

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First Guests – Angela Reid, Sherry Gunkle and Letecia Morales

  Beauty for Ashes Women's Conference
6633 Walzem Rd.
San Antonio, Tx.  78239

 Empowering Women for their Destiny.     "Beauty for Ashes" Women's Conference

Two days of anointed teaching and ministry.  No registration fee and childcare is available.  Registration deadline for Saturday's Luncheon is May 24th.  Lunch is only $6.00.

Conference Hosts: Michael and Rhonda Sides, Pastors of Christian World Ministries in San Antonio, Texas.   Featured speakers will include Sherry Gunkle of City of Refuge Church; Lety Morales of Jubilee Christian Fellowship; Pastor Cindy Daniel of Expect a Miracle Church and First Lady Rhonda Sides of Christian World Worship Center.

 For more information about the conference, call 210/657-5187 or email

The conference is based on Is. 61 and is for women who are still dealing with issues in their lives.  Be aware of the schemes of the devil.  Before you were born, the enemy wanted to try to steal from you and keep you from your inheritance.  A lot of times there is a “spirit of illegitimacy”, not that you were illegitimate by birth but that the enemy wants to make you feel like you don’t fit in, you don’t belong, etc.  There are people that feel that way in their life right now, they can be right in the middle of church and still feel like they don't fit in.  The devil wants to make them believe that they are not supposed to be here.  But ... Jesus says though that you are supposed to be here, that you were not born with the spirit of man but through the Spirit of God. 

Women, if you struggle with identity, with what your purpose in life is, with "fitting in", then you don't want to miss this uplifting women's conference!

Second Guest – Pastor Charles Flowers
Faith Outreach International
3806 Sunshine Ranch Road
San Antonio, Tx.  78228

Pastor Flowers, with the cooperation of other churches in San Antonio, has established the Christian Military Academy.  Their mission is to harness the potential and help the families of at risk youth in the 6th through 12th grades to become powerful forces of positive change in today's world.  They create an environment conducive for learning by establishing discipline and  requiring innovative instruction. They restructure the emotional and spiritual dynamics of the family unit so that positive change can be sustained.

The Cadets of the Christian Military Academy have written and are currently performing called "Falling Forward".  The play is saying that although they may have failed they are going to make their failures work for them.  Failure is going to happen to all of us but when you fall forward you will still gain a few yards.

For more information on the Christian Military Academy, please log onto their website at

Third Guest – Pastor Michael Howard
Shekinah Ministries
11409 N. Wyandotte
Kansas City, Mo.  61455

An extremely interesting interview!  Pastor Michael Howard was born and raised in Africa and has seen some of the worst of mankind but through all this has learned the need for and value of intercession.  He has seen intercession change the course of his nation!  He will talk about the value of missionary work throughout the world.  This interview is uplifting and interesting but more than anything else, this interview is challenging!

Shekinah/Kalibu is a registered incorporated native ministry founded in Malawi and reaching out to remote areas in that country as well as Mocambique, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, Rwanda, and New Sudan.  They are involved with aggressive evangelism and the raising up of local churches, ensuring that there are always good governmental structures established.

In Africa, it is known as "Kalibu Kwa Yesu," which means, "You are welcome to come and dine with us together with Jesus."

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